nevada desert sheep video

December 2010 coming and hopefully we'll get to see a vid of that beauty dropping in it's tracks. Good luck and enjoy.
Thank you for your recent application for the Main Big Game Draw . Here are your results:

Amount Applic Depr Tag Predator Available
Paid Fee Fee Fee Fee Refund Explanation
NR Nelson Bighorn (3251) -
155.00 10.00 0.00 0.00 3.00 142.00 UNSUCCESSFUL DRAW

Break my heart again.
got mine two years ago, this year i drew a rocky and an elk! been lucky... gun)

Man, I could use some of that luck. I basically, just earned more points this year. I just looked tonight and saw that I was unsuccessful in MT for Rocky's.

The only draw left that I have my name in is WY deer.

Maybe I'll get lucky someday on the sheep tag.
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