Nevada Desert Ram

That's so cool that you got to share that with your Dad, not many get to do that. What I wouldn't give to have one more hunt with my Dad.

And not often one gets to hunt sheep in his Nike's....:)
A few weeks ago I posted about my first Nevada bull I was able take with a ton of help from my dad. I couldn't be more excited then to turn around a week later and be able to help my dad harvest his beautiful 2020 Nevada Ram.
When tag results came out earlier this year we knew it was going to be very special between the bull and the ram. From the start sheep was on my mind. We put in roughly 18 days of scouting over the next 6 months just having a good time seeing so many sheep. Found over 400 ewes and lambs and over 100 rams in the time.

Coming into the season the sheeps habits had changed from weather and pressure pushing back much farther then they had been. On opening day we had no issue finding sheep, it was getting to them that was going to be tough. With alot of traffic we decided to take it slow and watch how things played out seeing a few rams get taken on day 1. The morning of day 2 was very busy aswell, but hopes were high with my brother being able to show up to give me and my dad a hand. Around 8 that morning we watched a group of hunters take a nice ram. Knowing the other rams in that group were young we decided no need to pursue the group that ran off. Getting ready to leave my brother noticed the group running off had a few more rams from a different direction joining up. Only being 1000 yds away we decided it can't hurt to go look. As we came up to where the sheep had went I noticed movement to my right in a little bowl. There they were at 170 yds just as calm as can be. As my dad got the rifle ready me and my brother scanned over the sheep not knowing how much time we had. The lower ram was the one I kept coming back to, he was long and flared and just had "the look". I remember my dad asking if I liked him and would shoot him. I barely got out the word yes, when the rifle went off. The rams head and front shoulders buried into the ground, he gave two pushes with his back end and rolled to his back motionless. Just like that it was all over, my dad had made a great shot at 170 yds and the ram didn't go more then 3 yds. Walking up to him was amazing, he was one of the prettiest rams we had seen and better then we thought. I couldn't have been more excited for my dad or grateful that I was able to repay the favor even a little for the elk trip. His ram turned out to be 7 years old with 34" horns and 14 7/8" bases. G= 161 4/8" N= 160 2/8". Definitely a season ill never forget.

(Tikka T3X 6.5 creedmoor, 140 Berger VLD)

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