Needing a new range finder??

I used a Leupold RX-IV for a while and got tired of the poor optics and limited range with non-reflective targets. Then I got a Bushnell Scout 1000 ARC and like it much better. after that experience with the RX-IV, I would not buy another Leupold rangefinder.
Buy a used Leica 1200 Scan . They show up here every so often . You will be happy unless you are a beyond 1000 Yards Shooter , then a Swaro is in order . These show up too .
After using Leupold and Bushnell rangefinders for years I finally bit the bullet and purchased a Leica 1600. The Leica blows them all away. Not even close. If you want to save money try a used Leica 1200. I have not used the Swaro so cannot speak about it's performance.
do yourself a favor, steer far clear of the leupold. ive sent 2 back to leupold only to be told "product meets our standards" i have the rx3 1200yd range finder and it wont range the side of a truck on a bright sunny day @ 700yds. my buddys bushnell that cost 1/2 as much got the range just fine
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