need to pic a barrel, please help!


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Aug 18, 2005
Elizabeth, WV
trying to get the ball rolling on my 300 Wby project, hanging now between a Krieger or a Rock Creek barrel, but not sure about any of it really, just having a hard time making the final decision. Also having trouble deciding on barrel taper, or if i even want a taper?? Trying to come in under 20lb bare gun, if i go with an 11 twist ill stay 26", but i think if i do a 10 twist i wanna go at least 28". rifle will be hunted with, will have a functional mag, and will be used to do some short range competition stuff(100-300-500) longest hunting shot at the moment is 765, put can go to well over a mile with just alittle work. I wanna stay away from the 240gr bullets just because i dont want a super fast twist rifle that pigeonholes me with bullets that i cant come by locally if i need to, so max bullet weight is looking like 200-220gr, which would put me at a 1-10 twist i believe, but i also considered using an 11 twist so i might be able to step down and shoot the 165-180gr bullets as these are more common locally and i thought i had heard someone say that the 210 sierras were made to work in a 1-11 twist...ok im done, please help im losing my mind!!
if it were me i would go with a 28" Kreiger barrel no taper with a 1-10 twist with the 10 twist you can still shoot the lighter bullets with no problems however going the other way around an 11 twist may not work for the heavy ones. and in the case of building a gun dont go on what "someone herd" that could lead you down the wrong path.
I have a Kreiger and have been very pleased so far (as a matter of fact they actually put my rifle together). Mike at kreiger was very helpful helping me choose a twist rate. if I remember correctly a 1 in 10 will work with everything from 165-210 (i shoot 180 accubonds,190 berger vld's, and 200 accubonds). mine is 26 but i added a Holland radial brake and that adds another 2 inches(im not saying that its the same as having a 28 inch barrel, just that the break adds another 2 inches to the overall length) and i didnt want to try to hunt with a 30 inch tube.
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ROCK CREEK and DON'T look back. I have 3 and all shoots VERY well. Gotta a 300wsm with a 11.273twist with a #4 contour that shoots 155grn berger's, 150 grn Accubonds and Barnes TTSX outta this world!!
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