Need to hack 40XB-KS stock to fit *me*!! (long)


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Jun 13, 2007
Wilmington NC
should be able to sell in on, or 24 campfire. all have adds forums. should be able to get at leat $100. contact bruce baer in pa for stock. he makes custom laminated (25 patterns) and he can modify make longer etc any style. should be able to buy and inletted one for under $250

good luck

Ian M

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May 3, 2001
Sask. Canada
I am certainly not a stockfixer but the more I see pros work on composite stocks the more some of their work reminds me of auto-body repairmen. They grind, file, fill, spray, build-up, take-down and generally do things that are not feasable with wooden stocks. Boo-boos are usually not a big deal as you can fill or whatever and re-paint. Saw some photos of some really beat-up composite stocks that were returned to like-new condition.

The A-2 or A-3 is the way to go since McMillan will give you whatever length of pull you need. Unfortunately there might be a fair difference between what you could get for a used 40x stock and a new A-series.

Sounds like there is nothing stopping you from making that 40x stock fit right. It is most likely a McMillan so you are working from a good base. Same goes for the trigger-guard exchange. Brownells no doubt sells any parts you need and would probably advise you as to how to make the swap.


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Jan 21, 2002
Wenatchee, WA
Well, looks like I'm going to end up keeping the 40XB-KS in .220 Swift for now. I had opted to try to sell it, as my first actual field outing w/ it (after 800-900rds of range time on benchrests and sandbags) revealed that the factory McMillan stock *really* does not fit me well, as I am 6'5" w/ long neck and arms. Needs to be close to two inches longer and maybe as much as an inch higher comb.

I've considered getting some kind of stock spacer system installed, such as the one McMillan sells, or even a complete adjustable buttplate (2-way, 3-way is overkill for me) like a McMillan or Graco.

Problem is it seems that once I crank out the stock 1.5-2", the Monte Carlo cheek piece is going to be too far forward, and still too low. I could put a slip-on pad to boost it, but it'd be all cock-eyed, part on the existing raised cheekpiece, part not. I've thought about trying something another local shooter showed me on one of his guns: he used some Pro-weld stuff (kind of like Pig-Putty, the stuff you knead the playdough looking stuff together, then stick it on the stock and form it to suit, later grinding it w/ a dremel or a file to finish, and paint to match. I've used this stuff for repairs on bushings, tanks, etc. on high-voltage electrical equipment, and even seen nuts made, drilled, and tapped from this stuff, so it *is* tough enough.

Is there any resale value for a 'stock' 40XB-KS stock, enough to be useful towards a new A3 or something similar? Am I going to be sacrificing anything if I butcher this stock a little?

Another thing... I'm looking at pillar/glass bedding the stock somewhere down the road also. How hard would it be for someone w/ some patience and some extra time on their hands to convert the stock and everyting to BDL w/ a custom trigger guard/magazine floorplate? The ADL magazine box on this 40XB has had me mad enough to just about try wrapping it around the side of the house a couple times. If I never touch another ADL, it'll be too soon!!!

Comments, suggestions, remarks?



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