Need suggestions for 7mm bullet


Jun 21, 2003
I currently use a 140 gr Nos BT in my 7mm wsm (Win. Coyote). I have had good success hunting whitetails ranging from 300 to 700 yards.
I would like to try a heavier bullet with a higher bc. I am looking for a bullet that may be a little better suited than the 140 gr bt, for these ranges. Would like to know more about smk and amax bullets. Any ideas would be appreciated.

162g amax is my vote-the published b.c. for the 168smk is .488,the b.c. for the 140nbt is the math,the 140gnbt wins considering the speeds it can be pushed at,but the amax conquers all[lol-on deer anyways],my-2-dave
i like the 180berger in my 7wsm... 28" krieger 9twist. i can get 2950 with RL25 but shoot matches with N560 at 2850 both are very accurate but N560 seems to be more consistent on speed. i have never shot the 162 amax but i know lots of guys have great luck with them.. i bought some 175SMK's but have not tried them yet. the 168SMK's shot well but not as good as the bergers...berger has approx .698 bc ... they also make a 168 berger VLD but have never tried them..(a little lower bc)

I have always used the 150gr Nosler BT in my Sendero (7mmRM) and have never had a problem with bullet failure, even on close shots. My shots have run from 50-450yds and I have only recovered one bullet and it was a perfect mushroom. The range on that was 300yds.
Currently waiting to get my rifle back from my gunsmith. I have the 140gr TSX, 150gr Scirroco and 154gr SST's I'm going to try on whitetails with it, if it gets back in time! Johnny K.
I don't believe the published Bc for the 168smk's of 0.488 is correct. Some programs have them listed as 0.636. I have tried making a drop chart for my 7-300wby with the 0.488 BC and it was no were near correct, I then went with the 0.636 and everything seemed perfect. My fellow shooters and I have been having good luck with the new 175smk's.
In my A-Bolt 7WSM, I've found a load that's pretty accurate with the 160 accubond and 66.0grns of RL-22 for a tad over 3000fps. Don't like to push that long bullet down into the case that far to reach the magazine length of 2.860" but seemed to work OK in my rifle. BM


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I shoot so much that I bought 1000 Sierra 175 gr. spbt bullets which I moly coat. I believe dead is dead and I've never even had Elk stop the round. Right through them and the Hydraulic shock is tremendous at under 200 yards out of my 7mm STW loaded not far below max @3100 fps out of my 28 inch barrel
I have gotten exellent accuracy from Sierra 160gr SBT's from a 7 Mag @ 3000fps. With a BC of 563 it will shoot flat and buck the wind well. And I can buy enough bullets of the same lot to wear a barrel out without selling the house.

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