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Jan 19, 2007
Here's the dimella

I'm buying an Savage single shot short barreled action chambered in 338 EDGE off this forum. It is suitable for me as I'm not really much into hunting and really take my time getting set up and executing an shot. More of an hobby for me.

The rifle is single of course and right handed. I have an laminated Savage stock that fits this thing but as I dug it out and looked at it, it became not the stock I desire.

What I want is an laminated stock that fits this single shot RHanded savage yet can be used with comfort by left handed shooters.

I'm fine with the single shot short RH action as it will be just fine for me with bipod use, in fact it's a plus. What I need is the stock made for left or ambi shooters.

Please help product, contacts, prices, and perhaps someone who does great stockwork.



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Jan 28, 2007
South Dakota
Hi Short. . .

This is a stock that I make. It's ambidextrous and tracks well with a bipod/rear bag set up.

The wood is quite dense. It's a laminate made from trees that grew up next to the Chernobyl plant in Russia I think. :D (The company that supplied the lumber is from the former soviet union)

It's so hard and saturated with resin that you really don't have to "finish" it. I sand to 600 grit and apply a couple coats of Johnson floor paste wax. Then buff it out like a car. Makes for a nice "working gun" because if you nick it up, just sand them out and put another coat of wax on it. Easy to keep looking sharp.

Good luck,


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Jan 24, 2008
Central Az.
I've seen one of Chad's stocks made of this laminate. They look even better in person than they do in the pics.

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