Need some input from everybody

chris matthews

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May 14, 2001
Urich, MO
Marty at badger has asked to to get some input from the hunting world so you guys are my guinea pigs...
He is considering making "sporting" rings.... I suggested to him to simply make his normal tactical rings in aluminum...
I think you get the best of both worlds- Tough as hell but lightweight...
What do you guys think? Would you buy them for your hunting rifles or should more changes be made? And what would they be?
Thanks guys....
I'll bite...

Most of the guys I guide hnting are worried about 3 things..

1. How good they look in their brand new stuff from cabela's
2 How their brand new superloudenboomermegamagum looks and the stuff it wears...
3.How lightwieght everyting is.. ( read most are out of shape and FAT )

for a true "typical" hunting rig.. asthetics will catch they eye of most and saving weight is a plus...

if Marty were to offer the rings built tough like the tacticals but round the hard edges and whatnot for a more appealing ( less rugged/aggressive ) look he just might have a winner...

just my .02

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I'll second Wyo's comment on the rounding off the hard edges and I like the idea of an aluminum heavy duty ring.

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And how about 1 or 2 pc aluminum bases to go with them?

Concur with the ring suggestion for sure. I'd use them (vs. steel) on a couple of my tactical rigs to save some weight regardless.
Why not titanium?

But I would also be very interested in aluminum as well,...obviously with the non-titanium price tag.
Wyo could probably answer this only question would be what if any issues does aluminum have in extreme cold environments where you guys hunt at? Does it swell or contract? I know aluminum is a soft metal, lol and a PITA to weld...

I'd suggest bagging the aluminum idea simply because it's not as tough as steel. You'd have to make them thicker for the same strength. I'd suggest simply rounding off the tactical units so they look cleaner and less utilitarian.

First it's got to work, second it's got to look good. Too many people buy on looks, but they'll kill you if they don't work better than the competition.

Mark in Utah
For me, rings or bases made of aluminum will never be enough. Strength is comprimised, it's soft and won't wear as well over time, not to mention it stretches with repeated force at certain levels... Nothing I want in a ring.

I wouldn't put my name on aluminum rings or bases FWIW.

Right now Badger Ordinance in synonymous with strength and quality. If you want a nice ring make it SS, smooth the lines and polish 'em up a bunch for a more classy look, but keep the integrity of steel and mounting design.
Just my 2 cents...
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