Need some help with a new wildcat


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Aug 24, 2005
Howdy guys. I just purchased a used rifle. The rifle is a trued 700, 26" heavy fluted K&P SS barrel with brake, HS stock with badger ordinance bolt knob and 20 MOA base.

Rifle caliber is 6.5 ICBM (basically a 6.5 STW with 35 degree shoulder). The rifle came with RCBS custom 3 die set and a few rounds of ammo. More ammo is on the way from the seller with some load data.

I pulled two of the rounds the seller provided that consisted of 140 grain ballistic tips and 80 grains of RL22.

I have found some limited data on two websites for loads. Does anybody have any load data or a source of load data they would share?

Does anybody have quickload or another program that could run some numbers for me?

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