Need Some Help On This One......Leupold Question


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Sep 12, 2002
Buddy of mine just picked up a 36X BR scope and can't figure out how to adjust the focus on it. He says it has a double ring on the bell and they both have the same markings down to 50ft, but only the outside ring turns. He also says that it will only focus to about 400yds....Anyone fimular with this scope?
If I remember right the front ring is a lock ring.You need to back off on this before making adjustments.To focus from 100 to say 1000yds you have to turn the obj several turns.The markings on the scope for range are very close and a little tricky to read.Tell him to sit in the yard and play with it and he'll figure it out.

Thanks for your reply. I think you're correct. I had one too, many years ago, but couldn't remember how it worked. The literature is long gone. I'll relay the info.

this is what I got from Leupold:

To focus the reticle (crosshair), you will need to turn the ocular housing (eyepiece) all the way out. There is a stop in the system, so the eyepiece will not come off. Then, while looking at a blank white wall or other light colored surface, glance through the scope. The reticle should appear fuzzy. While looking away from the scope to allow your eyes to return to normal/relaxed vision, rotate the ocular housing clockwise a couple of rotations. Once your eyes have had a few moments to adjust to normal, quickly glance through the scope again. Repeat this process until; upon first glancing through the scope, the reticle appears clear and crisp against the blank background. It is important to make sure the background is blank, and that you look away, only glancing quickly through the scope. This eliminates the eye's natural ability to force things into focus. Once the reticle is focused, lock the lock-ring into place.

I hope this helps.
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