need some B.C. info please



I was wondering if any of you fellas have the BC for the 178gr A-max 30cal bullet
and the 175gr MatchKing.

Thanks for any help.


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Jun 13, 2007
Wilmington NC
Bullet BC for more common LR bullets

6.5 Caliber
Sierra 142 [email protected]
Berger 140 [email protected]
JLK 140 (B) .630
Clinch River 147 _____
AMAX 140 [email protected]
Cauterucio 141 .630

7mm Caliber
JLK 168 .690
JLK 180 .738
Cauterucio 156 .615
Cauterucio 176 ____
Berger 168 .648
Berger 180 .738
AMAX 162 .625

30 Caliber
Sierra 168 MK .462
Sierra 180 MK .475
Sierra 190 MK .533
Sierra 200 MK .565
Sierra 220 MK .629
Sierra 240 MK .711
Berger 168 .512
Berger 175 .537
Berger 185 .569
Berger 190 .583
Berger 210 .640
JLK 190 .602
JLK 210 .665
AMAX 168 .475
AMAX 178 .495
Cauterucio 190 ____
Cauterucio 210 ____
Clinch River 216 ____

338 Caliber
Sierra 250 MK .565
Sierra 300 MK .797
Hornady 225 SST .526

anyone have any updates on other bullets, post them and I will add them to list


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Jul 6, 2002
problem with Hornady BC is that the method they use is not published and BC vary a lot of the atmo parameter , initial velocity , drag curve they use ( Hornady are secant not tangent bullet anf G1 is not for secant ogive bullet )

but I far prefer an honnest lower value than amazing hight BC publish by some maker , even if custom bullet from Clinch , JLK , or Cautericio are very hight in real

best is to check accuracy first and when you find something accurate in your rifle you check elevation you need from your zero ( 100 or 200 ) to you target at 1 K

good shooting


good shooting

Len Backus

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May 2, 2001

For what it's worth, the BC's that Bob C. gave me for his two 7mm bullets were right on when I shot them.

reed mosser

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Sep 16, 2003
I was wondering what the B.C actually is on Nosler BT's 7mm 120 140 and 150's. And also on the new hornady interbond 30 cal 150 grain. The maunfactures B.C is usually lower than what they actually are. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Reed

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