Need some advise on a caliber for Elk hunt

Marine sniper

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Sep 11, 2005
Washington State.
Much too much is made of calibers for elk, #1 priority is shot placement #2 is bullet construction. I personally consider .264 caliber as a practical minimum / pick a bullet that will reliably expand (and hold together) at the distances you feel comfortable shooting and practice to make sure you can put that bullet in the vitals- if so- everything will work out fine.

Idaho Lefty

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Jan 29, 2018
A couple of, Days ago, ( in Idaho ) kneeling position, using wood, H-S Stix, shooting over 2 to 3 foot tall Sage Brush with, a .270 WSM and 140 gr. Berger, Classic Hunters @ 3,185 FPS,.. I knocked an Elk, flat off his feet with, a high Shoulder shot ( due to Sage, I couldn't get, a lower POI ).
ANY .270 with, a "descent" Bullet,.. WORKS for, Elk !
This was, my 2nd Elk with, the .270 WSM, Tikka T-3 and at, 7.5 Pounds "all up" it's, a Tack driving, light weight,.. Dream Rifle !
The Bbq'd Tenderloins, were,..Superb !
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