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    Aug 14, 2011
    What are you looking for in a long range scope i.e. in excess of 900m? What does the scope need to have to be able to effectively handle extreme ranges? How do these scope, long range scopes, differ from scopes like Nikon Monarch/Bushmaster, Bushnell Elite, or the Leupold VX series.

    I think the the Leupold MK IV is an adequate scope. Does this scope have enough to handle what I am looking for or is there better options out the i.e. Vortex, Night Force, U.S. Optics, Schmidt & Bender.

    I am not as concerned with the power and objective dia. as I am with the quality of glass in the scope. Chromatic Aberration distortion combined with parallax error and it will become a difficult shot.

    Another item I wanted to get your opinions on is the Horus system. I am an old fan of the traditional Mil-Dot reticle and I like the old MD system.

    But correct me if I am wrong. For the Horus H58 & the H59 to work as it was designed, it needs the ATrag software and a palm pilot for best results or a PC/Lap Top and a shooter card. The Horus system is useless without the software?

    So unless I have the ATrag/palm pilot software or, the palm pilot fails, I am back to using the original Mil - Dot system if I have a scope with the H58/H59 reticle?