Need reduced load for 7mmWSM


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Feb 12, 2004
I am going to be doing some reduced loads for my sons 7mmWSM with 120 gr Barnes TSXT's. The manual lists a minimum load of 67.5 gr of RL19.

What can I go down to?? I want to reduce recoil for him as much as possible!
TTT Anyone??? I dont need the exact load, i just need to know how you come about finding a safe reduced load.
Reducing loads too far can be dangerous. I personally wouldn't go much lower than published minimum. I'm guessing a minimum load of RL17 would produce good velocity with low pressure and probably reduced recoil. If I was looking for a good reduced load, I would start with RL17.

Check out the Hodgdon Youth loads in the Data section on their site. IF there is a load listed for H-4895 then you can take it and use their 60% ruls and reduce the load using that powder.

It has worked great for me in several calibers making very accurate reduced velocity loads.

Hope this helps
hornady manual shows data for 120's down to 3000fps. 61.1gr for RL19. The hodgdon's youth section is a good idea too.

Whenever I need a minimal min load, I look to the Hornady manual...

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