Need Optics advice for a new Tikka T3

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Oct 19, 2004
I just bought a Tikka T3 stainless lite in .270 WSM for Texas deer hunting at maximum ranges of about 200-300 yards, load development off of the bench at 200-300 yards, and hopefully a soon to be scheduled pronghorn hunt at possibly even longer range. What scope do you recommend for thsi type of shooting? i am thinking I should try and keep it fairly light and not to overpowered as the gun only weighs a little over 6lbs. I was thinking of something in the neighborhood of a 3-12x40 or 4.5-14x40. I would like to keep my bill under or around $400 if possible. Thanks! Dave
A 3-9 power would be more than enough at the ranges you mentioned.

Zeiss Conquest would be my first choice in that price range.
You could probably pickup a 3.5-10x44mm Conquest from Jon @ The Optic Zone for around $400, but it would be a little more heavy than the 3-9.

Nikon Monarch would be a good fit as well.

Lots of choices in your price range and that would serve you well at those ranges..sakofan..Good luck!!!
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