Need Opinion on Nikko Stirling Nighteater 10-50x60

I Agree You Get What You Pay For . But Just Buying The Most Expensive Does Not allways Make It Better , I Have a Out Of The Box Rem VTR in 223 I Just Shot and It Shoots .350 Five Shot Groups At 100 Yards and .850 at 200 Yards and It Has a Nikko Stearling 5X16X50 30 mm Tube With The LRX Recital I Paid 350.00 For The Scope I Don't Consider It Cheep and I Don't spend Much Time On The Bench By all Means I Am Not The Best Shot , I Also Have The Same Scope On a Savage BVSS It Shoots a Little Better But Not Much .
As For The Flip up Caps They fit The Angeled Front , I Have Them On Mine DD
What I have found is normally most decent scopes are fair up to about 30 power. When you get above that in power (36, 40, 42, 50 etc) unless it is high end optics with good lens, the sight picture gets pretty blurry. Sometimes even on the high end optics you have the same problem. I have a T36 weaver that I returned three different times before I got a clear one that was satisfactory The only high power scope I've got that I haven't had a problem with is a Nightforce NXS. I would like to find something in the 50 power range that is affordable.

Just sharing some experiences.
I recently bought a Nikko Stirling Targetmaster 10x50x60 with the mil dot reticle. The scope is really clear, even at the high end. I mounted it on a 243 win........was great until today. Started spreading rounds all over the paper.....I think my closest two were about 3". The rounds were a proven load that I have used for a while, the rifle is a Rem. 700 sps with some custom work done on it and it normaly shoots 1/2 moa at 200 yds. I've checked mounts......stock.......scrubbed the bore.....only one thing left.....scope. It is still under warranty, I hope it is just something I overlooked because I really like the scope......price too......I'm going back to the bench tomorrow......will give report.
They are good in the usa. I used it on my howa 308 3000 rounds. and still hold zero. I am a bench shooter. I have another one I used for my custom rifle m-4 5000 rounds and it is ok. not like nikon or leupold. but for the money the are fine. took the one from the ar m-4 to my ak 47 not hard to zero. 500 rounds of rapid fire.
got read of the scope mounts and bouth a burris for $65.00 us. because the mounts are weak. scopes are ok usually the mounts that goes with the scope. because they are cheap aluminum or stamped metals.
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