Need new rifle



Gent's I have been looking here around my base and the rifles that I have access too are the following, tell me wich one is going to be the best for extream long range Kills 1300+
1. 300 Ultra mag
2. 375 h&h
3. 375 Ultra mag
4. 338 Win
5. 338 Ultramag
6. 7mm STW


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Aug 9, 2002
West Coast, USA

Myself, I would prefer to use the 338RUM. Heavier bullet weight in the 300gr MK. Higher BC and retained energy, less wind drift etc. But most importantly, which one you can shoot the best is the one to use.

Good Luck



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Mar 17, 2002
Are we talking a custom gun built by a good gunsmith, if so I would go with a long barreled say 34 to 38 in on a Remington action in a bench stock with a barrel block. As for cartridge the 300 ultra gets my vote with the heavy 220 or 240g SMK. The improved version would work better for the shots over 1300 meters.
Crow Mag


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May 9, 2001
You have several that will work. The 7STW, 300 Ultra, and 338 Ultra would all do fine for long range hunting. The 300 Ultra with the 240 Sierra MK should de deadly well past 1,000 yards. The 338 with the 300MK should extend your range a bit further and also hit with more energy.


Thank you for the info, I will be perchasing a off the shelf rifle, I hunt a power line system way up in the mountains and I often get a 3000 yard clear shot of deer and elk, I only have in my arsenal at this time a 270, 308, 300-06, 35 whelen, 300 WM and some odd bal military calibers, I need to get a extream long range rifle so I am looking at what you gent's have suggested.

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