need load info-- 300 wsm, Superformance Powder, 190 Bergers

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by jhibbard24, Oct 16, 2011.

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    May 20, 2010
    anyone else been playing with this powder or got a good load 300 WSM w/ 190 VLDs with some good speed. rifle is a Browning Mt Ti 23" barrel so can't seat bullets out past standard COL for magazine length

    been working with this load seated at factory COL 2.860. There is not much load data for the Superformance powder so i did some math and ratio-ed some charge weights from other Superformance load data and other powders close on the burn rate chart. I like the idea of this powder being able to gain higher velocities with lesser loads, temperature insensitive, and i do have to say it has lesser recoil. After some research it looks like RL 17 might definitely be worth a try for getting higher velocities and minimal temp sensitivity. Love the Berger Vld for hunting, not interested in other bullets. Using Win brass that is weight sorted and fully prepped. CCI mag primers.

    at 66.4 gr of Super i had an es of only 6 fps but it was not very accurate (goin to try load again just cause of low es). no pressure signs yet. speeds of 2838 fps avg, (couple of things make me think that this load is not fully burning efficiently). expecting at least some speeds of 2950-3000. my accurate load is 65.1 gr of Super at .45 MOA (only 3 shots at a time cause of thin barrel) speeds of 2785 fps avg.
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    Jul 20, 2009
    I was running the 190 Berger at 3000fps with RL22, Norma brass, and Fed 215M in my Weatherby Vangard. Nothing to brag about for 100yd groups but consistently .7 MOA at 1000yds with most the spread going to horizontal. Vertical spread at 1000yds was usually just 2-3 inches. This is a sporter weight hunting rig and I'm talking about 3 shot groups from a cold bore, prone off a bi-pod.

    Recently, I have been running the 190 Berger at 3095fps with H4350, Remington Brass, and CCI BR-2 in the same rifle. I have only run about 50rds of this load thru the rifle at this time on virgin brass and it is looking pretty good at 1000. Once I have all the brass fire formed and give it a light neck turn it should be right there with the RL22 load, maybe better.

    I have not shot this load at 100yds and I really don't care what it does at 100yds. This rifle will shoot conventional 150 - 180 grain bullets into the .3's at 100yds. A big ole heavy for caliber Berger VLD is the last bullet on my list for shooting small 100yd groups. Don't burn up your barrel trying to make it happen.

    My COAL fits the magazine with room to spare and a lot of jump to the lands. And yes, pushing a 190 at these velocities is right at max in my rifle and leaves nothing on the table. Thats just the way I roll. You may not reach these velocities in your rifle.
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    Jul 29, 2004
    There is not much data on the superformance powders yet, especially for the bigger bullets
    so you will just have to work up.

    Even Hodgdon does not recomend this powder for big magnums and heavy bullets, so you may
    have to try lighter bullets or a different powder.

    Your SDs are very good but it sounds like your rifle does not like the Bergers.

    I have found that the WSMs like the 4831sc and are very predictable as you work up.

    Good luck

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    Dec 7, 2010
    BIG MO
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