Need load help- start/max for 243win -115's

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    RAGGED New Member

    Aug 13, 2010
    Hello, I am in need of assistance from some kind person, I have a new rifle id like to shoot but am lacking some solid starting points for loading, if anyone has access to Quikload and would like to do me a favor it would be much appreciated.

    Then info I have is

    243 win
    Lapua Brass
    115 Berger VLD’s or 115 DTACS
    30” bbl 7.75 twist
    COAL is 2.87” with the DTAC (that’s just touching the lands)

    I would love to know the start load/max load/max velocity and fill ratio for a few powders, specifically H4831SC, RE22,H1000,RE19. Retumbo, RE25

    Any other recommendations for this new rifle would be more than welcome as well, those are just the powders I guy in 8lbers so it would be nice if one of them worked out, also any recommendations for where to seat the Bergers or DTACS would be great, I’ve shot a ton of 105-108’s but never the 115s so its all new to me.

    Thank you so much, William R of MN