Need info on savage


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Oct 30, 2010
Macon, mo
I was wanting to know if anyone has shot a savage model 16 bear hunter in 300 wsm. or the model 11 long range hunter. i am looking at buying one and any feedback would be appreciated. also on savage's length of the barrel does that included the break or not. thanks win 270wsm
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In all honesty I think the bearhunter models slack in efficiency due to there barrel lenght, just an opinion.
I have a Mod.11 in 300wsm and I am very pleased with it. I replaced the factory pencil barrel with a Douglas varmint contour in SS as the factory barrel heated up way too fast. It was fine for taking one shot every 15 to 20 minutes but more then that it got warm. I will say it did shoot good cold bore groups. I found that it is not a beast to shoot with a good recoil pad like a decellerator or such. I am running 180 to 190 gr. bullets
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