Need Help With Weaver V16

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    Jan 21, 2008
    I was hoping someone from the board could help me with a weaver v16 scope. I fell on my butt one day and bent the rear objective just a hair. It stopped tracking properly so I sent it off to weaver scope repair. They just sent the darn thing back saying the erector set was broke and that they could not fix it. I tried fo find pics of an erector set to no avail. I would not mind opening it myself but one would to get some good advise before I do it. The one scope company that took over the weaver scope repair stuff was way too high to recondition the scope. I could buy a new one for that. I only paid $225 for the thing brand new in the first place. Where is is the erector set ? How do I get to it? The scope does not rattle when I shake it. The scope has served me well and I hate to just throw it away.Where can I find help?
    Thanks in advance