Need help with Rapid Z 600.


Aug 14, 2010
Guys, I need help understanding something. I have a built up .300 Win Mag and I bought a Zeiss Conquest 3.5X10 w/ Rapid-Z 600 reticle to go with the rifle. I have worked out a super accurate load, 80.7 grains H-1000 with the Berger 185 hunting VLD on top. It gives 1/2 MOA groups all day. My problem is this, if I set my zero to 200 yards...I am way high at 300, 400 etc. The calculator at Zeiss's website confirms this...example ie, 334, 440, 554 and 666 if zero'd at 200. When I do the reticle analysis they say to go lower in velocity. Here's my question...should I just lower the sights at like 400 yards to zero there and accept where it shoots at 200? Even if I use Berger 210's it still shoots high at longer ranges. Oh, by the way, my velocity is 3096 average over 10 rounds and standard deviation is only 6 fps. I really don't want to try and find a slower load to match up the reticle better. Did I screw up and by the wrong scope and reticle???
As mentioned above, try a shorter sight in distance.

`130yds looks good .
Try ranges between 130 and 160 and see what looks the best for you.

I just helped a buddy set up his 300 win and we went with the rapid z 800.
It has worked out perfectly.
Twer me, I would run a 200 gr Accubond at 2900 fps (BC of .588) and it will be right on the 10 power setting for your yardages (depending upon temp and elevation setting; i.e. 1000' 59*) and will be a better hunting bullet IMO
Woods, I here ya, I here ya....I have that on my list of things to try. Being a cheap sucker, I stood looking at the bullet selection and decided to buy 100 Bergers instead of 50 Accubonds to try and build up a load. More "bang" for the buck if you get what I am saying. (All puns intended). The clock is ticking....I will be chasing Pronghorns in WY on Oct. 1st so I needed to find a decent load and fast...I still need to practice field shooting conditions before I go. I will ultimately try the Accubonds because I use them in my .270 and they really shoot well. I have to see for myself how the Bergers perform on game....too many good things written about them to not try. Thanks for the info. Kinks...
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