Need Help With Load in .308 for 'Gators


Dec 13, 2009
A customer of mine who harvests gators in FL. called & asked my advice on a .308 load that would not tear up the skin or blow apart the skull. This is big business down there & he was using a .44mag homemade bangstick........All of the expanding bullets do a lot of damage & devalue the hides. I felt that a heavy solid bullet would suit his needs. If you have experience working with solid bullets I'd like to hear from you. These are generally close up shots....25-50 feet. Please no goofy responses, Thanks, ROY357SIG
Either one of these should hit pretty hard and do so with out blowing out a huge hole. At that range ballistics is irrelevant. The lead should expand/deform a little bit more than the solid so it has the potential of making a bigger hole, but I wouldn't expect it to create as much damage as a bullet designed for expansion.


Not trying to stir the pot but there's evidence to say that a solid bullet that doesn't expand has the potential to be less lethal with less-than-perfect hits than an expanding bullet. Something else to consider.

Another, cheaper option would be surplus military ball ammo. By international law it has to be non-expanding and should leave a clean in/out hole. I'd be more partial to the round/flat nose myself when dealing with a gator that close, but up here in Montana we don't have much call for dispatching gators so Ican't claim much experience :D!
Thanks Guys. I don't claim to be an expert at gator hunting......I've been told it's pretty out of control. Once he's got the bait they will draw him up to the side of the skiff & try to bangstick'em. And they do this at night! I appreciate the suggestions, they make good sense. I do have some .308 military match ammo. I'll let him try that first. If you want or need gators in Montana I'll bee pleased to send you a breeding pair!
Try 147 gr Lake City ball ammo 7.62x51mm NATO while not identical to a 308 it is interchangeable, holds up in a wet environment very well, along with the gator population in Florida in excess of 1 million and the average adult at 800 lbs your friend should do well.
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