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    Feb 1, 2011
    I watched long range persuit the other night and it was super. But what i would like to know is the balistic program that allowed the input of your actual click-ups as opposed to just what a program has. I have ohuler(spell.?) and i have shooter on my "droid" and i don't have that ability, i don't think. When i shoot a hard target my click-ups are almost always different than the program.
    Appreciate any and all help.
    Shoot straight and god bless
    deer shooter
  2. NomadPilot

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    Aug 28, 2009
    You want to edit your card or you actually want to find a better fit to your trajectory?

    If you just want to edit your card, Excel. If you want to better fit your card to your reality, Exbal has a function called "Trajectory Validation" wherein you tell it how far you were off and it tells you what muzzle velocity value would give you closer to what you're actually seeing in the field.