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Oct 12, 2004
I'm planning on buying a rifle in a couple months, and i was wondering what you guys think of the winchester model 70 Stealth and of the remington model 700 Sendero?What kind of MOA can i expect from these rifles?
I was also thinking i might wait a bit longer and get a HS Precision tactical rifle.Would it really be worth the wait and extra cash for the improvement on the Sendero and Stealth?
thx for your input.
...Sendero is a good option among these choices... might shoot around 1moa consistently, if set up properly... but more importantly, there's no limit on how far you can take it toward accurizing with all the aftermarket upgrades and knowledgable smiths out there... but, personal preference is top of the list!
...probably better off "skim bedding" the aluminum bed...the aluminum might be straight, but the action won't be...

...jewell is the last word on triggers... when looking at remington, just automatically add $200 jewell trigger; but, you can always remove it if you sell the gun later... hope this helps...
I started out buying Win.Mod.70's, but moved to Rem. Mod.700's. I believe there are more aftermarket parts for the Mod.700's. I also have some troubles with the action on my Win. Parts? Mcmillan and HS for stocks not to mention various barrels, and triggers all kinds of parts for the 700.


Experience the best, Judge the rest!!

i was leaning towars the 700, but now you guys convinced me.So besides trigger, what should i do to make teh sendero more accurate?New barrel is out of question untill i shoot the one its gonna come with, in wich case ill switch for a 28" lilja, as this seems to be the name that comes up the most often.

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First thing you need to do is shoot it. Then you can decide on custom options to suit your needs and preferences. I hate to tear a perfectly good firearm apart and do a rebuild before I've done some shooting first!
i think im still gonna buy a new trigger soon after i buy the rifle anyways. if i get a lemon, can i return it to remington?
If you can get gunwriter Ian McMurchy who frequents this site to comment, I imagine he would give the Stealth the nod. He's tested a bunch of them and to the best of my knowledge they have all been very accurate. I don't think he's come across a lemon in the bunch yet. He also likes 700's, but I'm thinking he's slightly more fond of the Stealth. I am a 700 slut so to speak, but he has me looking seriously hard at buying a Stealth.
well i also am a 700 slut, and the question wouldnt even arise if remington was intelligent enough to make a synthetic thumbhole i was wondering if i changed the stock to a tactical thumbhole from HS, would i have to get it rebedded or could i use the bed in the sendero.
And i heard about Jewel triggers,what are they exactly?
For what it's worth, I've had a couple of Jewel triggers, a Timney, and am currently using a tuned Remington trigger in a custom .300. This trigger breaks just as crisp and clean at 2# as any of the others, as far as I can tell, and it didn't cost $200.
either the Win 70 stealth or the 700Rem is
fine but as far as trigger's the Timney is a
down grade on a rem 700 from a stock tuned
trigger,a Rifle basix,Shilen ,or a jewell
on a win.action the Timney is an up grade
as is the Jewell, the stock Win trigger is
barely passable if highly tuned.
Everyone to their own opinions. I would go with the Stealth if you can still find one, or the new and improved Stealth ll. Have a bunch of reasons but most of these guys do not care about them because they are card carrying members of the Remington cult.

Shoot a thousand rounds through a Remington 700 VS and a Stealth, you will find some subtle little things about both - I do things like that and will take a 70 anyday. Push feed or CRF, particularly the pushfeed. Accuracy is about equal - sub 0.5" for 5 shots at 100 yards if you get them skim-bedded, triggers tuned and stock bolts torqued evenly. Plus assuming the individual can shoot that well. Have seen more Rem. stinkers than Wins. When you get lucky and get a good Rem. they are very good. Suspect on the average out of the box - the Stealths (12) have outshot the VLS/VS's (8).
They are both great actions and rifles, but...

One of the best things (in my opinion) is the M-70 trigger when someone who knows what they are doing sets them up. Don't get no simpler, more reliable or nicer to shoot. They are trustworthy - period. Rems can be, if the right guy works them over ( GA Precision for instance, no doubt lots of other good gunmagicians) but they are more complicated and too many springs and little screws that do important things. Will not get into safeties - there just ain't no comparing that.

I have gone through this one before. Have about an equal number of each brand, lots of different models, lots of mileage, enjoy shooting them all.

Bottom line, buy something, don't matter if its a Red Box or a Green Box or a Savage, Sako, Tikka, Ruger, Weatherby, Cooper, Kimber, CZ or whatever - and have fun. Good luck with your decision and your new rifle.
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