Need help choosing scope-Leupold vx3 cds or bushnell 3200 tactical


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Jan 24, 2010
Leupold vx3 cds for 4.5-14x40mm $550
Bushnell 3200 elite tactical 5-15X40mmAO $330

I have always heard about the reliabilty of Leupold, but have recently read good reviews on Bushnell 3200's. I know my Bushnell rangefinder is hands down better then the Leupold I had. I gave Leupold two chances on the rangefinder and they sent me two new units that had problems, sold it and bought the Bushnell and have been happy.

I am interested in the Leupold CDS-custom dial system but looks like the bushnell is more tried/tested/proven than the cds on the Leupold.

I just don't want to buy the Bushnell and regret it later.
Any input on either scope would help, thanks
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