Need Die Recommendation


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Jul 28, 2005
I have ordered a 338-06 barrel for my Savage project. Looking for recommendation on the best type of die (full length or neck only) to re-size the 30-06 brass, and suggested technique for doing this. Any other tips appreciated.
You will need a FL die as the brass will continue to expand until hard to chamber and only way to get it back is FL size it. If a FL die is "properly" set up it adds life to the brass and accuracy over NS only.

Interesting thread on that very subject by the top BR shooters in the world on BR central and the majority now FL size.

Some will disagree but only way around it is to throw brass away when gets hard to chamber and start with new brass.

I agree, and I always FL resize my brass----new or once shot

However it's my understanding that "NS only" is usually credited with "the adding life to the brass and accuracy", so we disagree on that.

But a FL die will both FL and NS. It's all in how you set up the dies; ie, how far you screw them into your press.
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