Need Bore Cleaning Neutralizer recipe, Thank you!

JE, what's your preferred bore solvent?

I normally use 4 different solvents because of different conditions.

1 = I use Butches bore shine for break in and normal usage because it will clean relatively fast but is not as harsh as some other solvents.

2 = For really fouled bores I use Sweets 762, but don,t leave it in the bore more than 30 minutes.

3 = when I have to leave the solvent in for more than 1 hour or over night, I like to use Boretech Eliminator.

4 = And after using any solvent, I like to use Hoppe's #9 to remove any remaining solvents before oiling the bore.

Just the way I have found that works to clean and preserve the bore.

After shooting br for so many yrs and cleaning barrels between matches for yrs I have narrowed my cleaning supplies down to just a few that work great for me. I love wipeout products. The excellerator ran down the bore first and then the foam or regular wipeout run down next really works fast. Shooting 1000 yard BR really gets the barrel hot and right after gun weigh in I go back to bench and do 1 excellerator and then the spray foam and within seconds you can see blue dripping from the bore. I also like Iosso paste for carbon. I have a mix I use for badly fouled barrels that customers bring me that have never been cleaned properly. I also use it for cleaning during barrel break in. It's 50% wipe out and 50% JB bore paste. Put some stainless nuts in it and shake it up into a slurry. This on a brush really gets it clean. Will get that last bit of carbon out too. No JB won't hurt your barrel. I bet 75% of every BR shooter in the country has it in their box. I know very good shooters at the 1000 yard matches that use it at every cleaning. I learned about the JB slurry mix at the 1000 yard matches. I have to say almost everything I know about accuacy I have learned from other br shooters teaching me along the way. And I pass this info on to others and it all relates to long range hunting rifles as well. Just because I use wipeout doesn't mean I think other products are not good. I've had great luck with Butches and Sweets. Montana products and Bore tech. I remember when all I used was Shooters choice and it was great too. But after I was shown accelerator and wipe out it's all I use now.
The following are a pair of photos from inside a .375 bore from a Ruger No1.

Cleaning solution was WipeOut, followed with patches of metho, as you can see, the residue from the WipeOut a month later has still been turning the copper into an oxide or more likely a sulfate of copper.

While more metho patches will dilute it further, I don't believe that the active ingredients are 'neutralized' by alcohol compounds. From the feel on the fingers of WipeOut and the Boretech equiv. I suspect they are mildly caustic. Thus an Acid would be required to neutralize this compound. I'm not sure that's what I'd want to be putting in the barrel.

WHY do we want to neutralize the cleaning compound anyhow? I can understand removing all traces of the residue and being clean etc. But is neutralization actually desirable or a good thing?? I'm not saying its not, I'm just asking WHY ?

Ruger No1 375 ruger - Imgur(1).jpg
Ruger No1 375 ruger - Imgur.jpg
I use Bore Tech carbon remover and Eliminator most of the time. If I'm in a hurry or have a seriously fouled barrel (i.e. prairie dog shooting) I use Witche's Brew. I know it's not the "in" thing, but I use nothing but Pro Shot brass brushes and NEVER clean a gun without a good bore guide. I've never had an issue with my cleaning regimine.
After cleaning with Sweets and Butches Bore Shine, I super slowly push a soaked patch of hydrogen peroxide through.
The barrel looks rabid with all the foam that pours out of the muzzle.
Then I remove that with the best alcohol I can find.

When the bore is dry, I dry pre-foul with tungsten disulfide (WS2) powder on a dry mop.
I store the gun ready like this
Never heard of such a thing. What bore cleaner are you using that needs a neutralizer? I use Bore tech eliminator. works on carbon, lead, corrosives, and copper. Barrel safe, no ammonia, no smell, biodegradeable, Non Hazardous. I clean the bore, run dry patches, then put in a light coat of oil.
For me the peroxide is reacting to remove the surfactants in Butches Bore Shine. I picked this method up from Speedy.
I only do it because I want every last trace of everything out of there. Down to white metal clean.
I only want that so that I can dry pre-foul.

It takes anywhere from 3-8shts to burn petroleum products out of a bore, and lay a new fouling layer.
To work around this, folks choose to leave their barrels dirty. I would not do that beyond a week or two of hunting.
The reason being that carbon takes a set with time, and I doubt primer residue is 'good' for bores.
I also don't like leaving oil in bores. It is useless to prevent corrosion, and can migrate down into the chamber/action/ bedding.
So I just keep my guns clean and dry.
I use BoreTech products and they are reportedly bore safe. They even claim that when left in the bore that they provide short term bore protection. If I'll be shooting the rifle again within a week or two, I'll just run a few dry patches down the bore to remove any excess fluid. If I'm putting the rifle away for a longer period, I run two dry patches down followed by patches with BreakFree CLP, and finish with 2 dry patches to remove any excess that may be in the bore. I've never experienced any negatives issues with this method and I do scope the bores periodically.

My firearms are kept in safes with electric dehumidifiers.