SOLD/EXPIRED Need, Berger Hunting VLD's 7mm 168's

Thanks Kevin, I just ordered some and a few other bullets. My first order from them. It was easy on line to order. Where are they located? I didnt see that on the site.

Thanks again!!

You're welcome! They're one of the cheaper places that I've found to buy Bergers. Shipping is reasonable as well.

I believe they are in Oklahoma.
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very good site i cant belive i have never herd of them before. Im tired of paying 10-15 dollars shipping from everywhere else. Thanks
Them's ma boys. BJ and Lerch.

Located in Yukon................Oklahoma:D

They are a great source of bullets, stocks, scopes etc. And great to deal with.

I've purchased items from them that I've never seen.

They shipped them directly to Kirby. One of these days I'm gonna get to see all of those pieces in one hunk....... I think I'm gonna be amazed.:)