Need Barrel Free Float and Stock Bedding Help


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Feb 27, 2010
I want to free float my barrel and bed my stock. My gun is a winchester model 70 with a synthetic stock. I've never done any work on my guns before, but I was just wondering how hard it is to bed the stock and free float the barrel?

Are there any threads or videos on here with instructions on how to do it?
What is the best bedding kit to buy?

I would like to hear any input from people who have done this themselves.


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Aug 23, 2009
There is help, just you post in the wrong spot, however you might get help here as well but if you like check Gunsmithing Gunsmithing - Online Magazine and Forums

as far as bedding synthetic stock you might encounter few issues, some synthetic stocks just not meant to be bedded since epoxy doesn't stick well, you could overcome such issue with physical locks which hold epoxy, still... I'm not the expert on this I only bedded few stocks myself but it is doable, I did it on Rem 700 SPS synthetic stock
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This is a good article.
Stress-Free Pillar Bedding
I just bedded 2 stocks, a wood Joel Russo stock and my HS Precision that came on my 338 ultra mag. I used some info from there and some from member Nesika Chad, his bedding jobs are meticulous.



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May 21, 2008
South of Canada and North of Wyoming
Do a search on "bedding" and check out Chad Dixon's (Nesika Chad) work. You will not find any better info and pictures on the net about bedding than right here. The article that GNERGY linked is also very good. Floating a barrel is very easy. I start with 40 grit sandpaper wrapped around a dowel for removing material. Here are some pics of a barrel I recently floated.







If you are going to float and bed, I would recommend floating before you bed, but be careful not to take too much material out, because when you bed, it may very slightly raise your action and barrel. Keep checking fit regularly during the process so your removing in the right spots. I used a dowel (drill bit in this case) to get an even and level bottom and hand used the sandpaper for the top of the sides. Once the action is bedded, come back and finish up with a finer grit paper. 100 is what I use, then put a few good coats of oil down to help seal it up. It won't completely seal it, but it helps, IMO.

If the experts have anything to add or change, please do.



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