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Apr 17, 2003
North Carolina
Looking to buy a new rifle this year, and would love some expert advise on what I want/need.

2).30 cal, perferably magnum.
3)Hunt comfortably, but I shoot about 4 times a month off a bench w/ friends.
4)800-1000 yds.
5)Rate of twist??
6)Want something personal, different.
7)Hunt deer,elk,etc.
8)And most importantly. New excuse to tell the wife why I "need anougher gun!!" LOL

You'd better put a brake on that .300 RUM! I'd get a Vais and have it threaded onto the end of the barrel.

I've got a camo-synthetic, which Remington made several years agot for a short time in 7RM. Cool looking gun, catches eyes at the range, and great for hunting. Everything buth the bolt and trigger are camo.

"Honey, I need a good hunting gun (camo) so I can stalk up on the game better, and longer range...."

Mark in Utah
Had a brake on my Sendero too, Mark. Made a great rifle better.

Not sure if I want a AI 1.5 stock and all that or not.

Was thinking about a tacticle rifle, but that wouldnt allow me to hunt very well. I like to walk/stalk.
Mark, loved the "camo excuse" LOL.
All ready tried that one!!

Maybe anougher Sendero is the answer..sakofan..
try a Savage 110fp in 300wm, it has accutrigger, pillar bedding, heavy 24" barrel, the synthetic stock i would switch for maybe a Chaote Varminter. They don't make it in a 300rum yet but down the road re chamber it to 300rum, or just get a 300rum barrel and swap when you want

ps. long-range stalking = oxymoron

LOL ......

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Have you looked at an HS Precision rifle? 1/2 MOA accuracy guarantee, varmint or sporter configuration. I have a blueprinted Remington SA that I am debating having a rifle built on, or selling and going with an HS. I just don't know how to ease my wife into the idea that the 22-250 I just bought is only an intermediate range rifle at best, and my .300 Jarrett is only suitable for elk, and I NEED another.....
I'm pretty sure I just saw a savage in 300 RUM this weekend. I am having the same dilemma, and am looking toward the 700 pss and FN SPR in 300 wsm personally. Good luck, and keep us informed.
Well, thanks for all the responses.

Looks like Iam going to get a Sendero .300WM, or .300RUM, S/F, from a few guys online. Still finding out some more info on them, because they are used..sakofan..
Thanks for all the responses. Be nice to have a Sendero back at the house.
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