Need advice on Remington 22-250 chamber spec's

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    Jan 30, 2011
    Hello folks, I joined this forum after reading some of your Threads. It appears you are mostly well knowledged shooters and gun enthusiast. I am a paper puncher, don't hunt. I am not a young chap, but have waited many years before I got into shooting. I have a retirement home now on a nice piece of land perfect for target shooting. I own a few rifles but my favorites are the Remington 700 22-250, Ruger 22LR, and TC Hawkin 50 cal. percussion. I built that one over 30 years ago, and only fired it for the first time 3 years ago. I am bit by the bug. I have a nice shooting bench set up on my back deck that looks down on 5 acres of land which ends at the base of a wooded hill. Yes the perfect shooting situation, dirt burm and all. I shoot the Ruger at 100 yards and the Remington 22-250 at 200 yards, As soon as I perfect the gun, i plan on setting up 300 yards and more as time goes by.

    I would like to pick your brains. As I stated, I am new to shooting, few years, and spent most of my time reading about the finer points of accurizing and perfecting the consistancy of my shoots. My current question has to do with the 22-250. I have a thumb hole laminated stock, floated bull barrel. I resently built a test cartridge/ jig to measure the chamber depth and the OAL to the start of the rifling. As i read in many blogs and documents, Remington has over drilled these spec's. I am looking at a chamber depth OAL of the cartridge of 1.9485. Now knowing the spec's on reloading this round 1.902, with a max of 1.912. I have to ask. Does that lead to the most accurate outcome. I have adjusted my OAL of the round to allow for .015 of jump (to start with), but am not happy with the total seating depth of the bullet in the cartridge trimed to spec length. I suspect I should go out to an OAL on the cartridge to be within 5 to 10 thousands of the total depth of the chamber. Somewhere around 1.938 to 1.943. Yes I know that the standard cartridges don't come that long. So here is the question. Does my thought process make sence? Is it the right thing to do, to maxiumize accuracy? If so, where or how do I get cartridges in 22-250 that have a longer neck length, that I can maintain an OAL on the Brass of 1.938 to 1.943 depending on the best fit for the gun.
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