Need Advice: Kowa TSN-661 w/ 25x LER


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Feb 28, 2004
Puyallup, WA
I am thinking about a long term investment by buying this scope. Can anyone give me some real use advice. How far away can you see 30 cal holes in the target? I am only a paper puncher so portability is not a concern. I cant afford much more and I dont want to buy much less. What else out there is comparable to this scope? It has to have a LER eyepiece. Thanks in advance. Merlin.
Merlin-Your choice is an excellent one. The 661 is claimed to be waterproof. They have a new 25X WA/LER eyepiece that should proove to be just great. The thing that makes the Kowa rock is it's LER feature. I am currently using a TSN-3 with that same eyepiece. Otto Weber is supposed to be having see through eyepiece covers for these being made-I think. That and a front lens protector should make your system about bullet proof. As for seeing 30 cal. bullet holes, That will depend on light and mirage. Some days you can see them to 5 or 600 yards and some days they disappear at 200. I really like the 661 scope because of it's size and great optics. I just can't justify replacing my TSN as it is so good also.
HTH Craig
I have the TSN 822 with the 20-60x eyepeice and it is a super clear peice of glass with a very precise focusing system. As stated,...overcast days are great for seeing long shots,..but 90degrees and clear skies yields a tough job for ANY spotting scope.
Hello Merlin,
Surprise to see you here hope you got moved to your new house ok.

I have the 821 with 20x60 eye piece and it works good for me at 300 yds...I can see 224 dia. holes ok.
I don't know anything about the 661, but, in my experience of using the Leupold zoom scope, you should try and go with a stronger eye piece. At 40 power I could not see 30 cal. holes very well @ 300 using the Leupold, but no problem now with 20-60 Kowa.

The Kowa was and is my final investment into a scope, unless I was shootin for lots longer ranges like 500 and beyond, then I would go with something better.

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I had a 661 and replaced it with an 821. I have both the 27LER and the 20-60x. The 27 is the one I always use for range shooting and in the summer when mirage is bad. The 20-60 is nice but not usable past 25 or 30x a lot of the time. The LER feature is peerless. Full field of view without ever having to touch the scope or eyepiece. THe 821 is a lot brighter than the 661 and pulls twice the light early and late. Easily worth the difference in cost. It is a bigger unit though if you plan to pack it around.
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