Need advice for barrel and on a 260 Rem.


Dec 4, 2012
SLV Colorado
Hey guys,

I decided that Im going to convert my Remington 700 SPS Varmint in 22-250 to a .260 Remington.

To give the experts an Idea what I plan to do with this rifle.

I plan to use this rifle in Team Rifle Challenges near Raton, NM and there max range is 1000 yards for the bolt guns. Along with our annual Top Gun challenge here where I live in southern Colorado. Also I may harass a coyote every now and then. But I decided I rather rebarrel my 22-250 and get another one with a lighter barrel more suitable for climbing in the hills with for coyote calling. I would like some more input and advise for the 260 Remington. I know the 6.5 Creedmoore are similar in size but I couldent tell you which one was better than other. My other question what barrel size and maker would you choose? Im going to have my local gun smith thread and chamber it since I trust them to do a superb job. Im new to shooting long range and appreciate all the help I have received here.

What I have layed out for a rifle.

Remington 700 Short action in 260 Remington.

Schilen Barrel.

B&C Medalist Stock.

Vortex PST Scope.