Need advice about 204 Ruger


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Dec 11, 2009
Hudson, NC
I have a Kimber 84M Varmint chambered in 204 Ruger; the rifle is not very accurate. I have found that the rifle has 0.187" of freebore when the bullets are seated to the maximum lenght that the magazine will allow. I am considering having the breech end shortened and then have barrel rechambered as a 20 Tactical. How much will the barrel need to be shortened to get rid of the freebore? Does anyone else have the same problem? Have any other solutions/suggestions? Thanks for the help.
I have quite a bit of experience with the 204. I have a 700 that has quite a bit of freebore. Mine shoots great with the hornadys and excellent with the bergers. Both are 40 grainers. Have you tried different bullets/powder combo's? You may be able to get and extended mag box also that will allow you to seat the bullets out longer. Is this gun a heavy barrel?
The first thing I would do is a bedding job. I have work on several Kimber rifles, and even though Kimber installs pillars in their stocks they do not bed them. All Kimbers I have bedded showed a marked improvement in accuracy regardless of caliber.

Try seating the bullet out as far as you can, in order to get closer to the lands. Make sure you have at least .5 caliber deep in the case neck. Then shoot some groups, loading one at a time, and see if you accuracy improves. Could be a rough barrel and have little to do with excessive freebore. If the barrel is crap, then rechambering it would be even more of a waste of money. I always lean towards custom barrels as opposed to redoing factory ones, when accuracy is a concern.

I would also adjust the trigger as low as it will go as this helps tighten groups. Best of luck.

I have a Rem XR - 100 plus Sako Varmint in 204 Ruger as well as a friend with the same rifles.
All shoot extremely well [the XR100 both shoot in the 2's] with plenty of jump and 39BK Sierra.
This is a cartridge which defies the norm in this regard.
I would say the problem lies elsewhere as already mentioned - possibly bedding; crown; or whatever? I have seen new rifles of late with offset chambers even.
I have the same rifle and am getting clover leaf groups @200m with the 39gn Blitzkings.
OAL 2.285
Win Brass
WinLR primer
27.6gns 2206H ADI powder

Had to muck around with seating depth before it tightened up.
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