Need a little help on how to range at night--


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Jul 16, 2016
Wilcox raptor or similar with nods. If you’re stationary then you can make a tripod spotters cradle with multi optic mounting plate. Then zero the range finder with a night vision optic. You’ll see the laser in the in the pvs 27. Then switch your eye over to the lrf to get the range.

The problem is this requires a decent tripod, and real night vision device designated just for ranging, so you’d need another one on the gun.


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Apr 9, 2014
cambridge, mn
My thermal scope has a rangfinder built in, and I've never taken a shot over 200 yds. If you are calling they will almost always come in that close or closer if you do your part right. The times I have shot farther than 200 yds were after I had already shot another coyote or missed the first shots. Just get into the shadows if there is much moonlight to hide yourself amd they will come close.


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Sep 7, 2010
I am trying to get a big bobcat on my farm in ny. My neighbor caught it on camera (attached). I know, it looks like a mountain lion--but we don't have any of those where I am and our DEC has looked at the pic. It is probably a 40+ pound bobcat--eating our deer.
I have a really good custom long range gun with a NF scope and a PVS-27, so I can reach out during the night to 500 yards-- but my problem is figuring out the critters range beyond 200 yds. I'm shooting into a 55 acre field with shots maybe to 350 yards possible for a big bobcat-type critter, but ballistics show the drop is a lot after about 200 yards. I have a Leica 1600 for daytime ranging and I love it.
But how do you guys range at night?
Thanks in advance for the help.
No ranging necessary at 350yds?
I realize that this may not appeal to those who swear they will never take a shot they can't guarantee will kill cleanly.
I don't know your ballistics or what your MPBR is but a redo on your MPBR could be the answer.
My 30-06 with a 200gr ELD-X at 2700FPS and a 230yd, 6 in, MPBR has a 12 inch drop from the aiming point at 350yds. I could rework my zero to 300yds and have a topline aiming point with a 5 inch drop at 350 yds and a need to use a low line aiming point inside 250 yds to compensate for the 5.5 inch rise at 180 yds.
Or, I could leave the 270yd zero and shoot a half mil topline AP at the suspected 350 yds to get a 5 inch drop at 350yds.
Either way, my bullet will probably kill if I get a hit.
I suspect that a flatter trajectory with a lighter, faster, bullet would probably give someone a MPBR with a 350yd max.