need 6.5x55 reamer with a 308 case .473 base


Feb 2, 2008
i need to rent a reamer for my 6.5x55 rifle build. i know i can have one made but at a higher price. i would like to get a used one... need one with a base size of cases for 308, 30-06 rim/base. this measurement is .473 this is standard among the 270, 308, 30-06 cases
the base of old military 6.5x55 ammo is .480 and so are the saame speck reamers.. since i am making and reloading the cases from 30-06 cases. this is where i need to be. at .473..... the gunsmith said i could use the standard .480 reamer but the case will bulge, and if i neck size only i will be ok for reloading purposes. Not really what i want
I need to get a reamer for the .473 case and would like to rent or buy one if you have one. or know where i can aquire one.. please email me with your info. thanks jim
[email protected]
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