Nearly Ready To Go


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Jun 25, 2003
Eastern US
Well folks it's been a long haul since I started getting into this LR shooting in early summer! Had to find the caliber and rifle package, decide on a scope, bipod, shooting rest and lots and lots of reloading!!! Well I'm nearly finished. I know I need to shoot at the long distances I intend on shooting but dang if I am not impressed with what I have so far - a 3 shot group one holer just like Michael's!!!


Load Data:

Rifle: Remington 700 Sendero Stainless Fluted
Scope: Sightron SII Series 6-24X Mil-Dot
Mounts and Rings: Leupold STD Stainless
Case: Remington 2.838" Once Fired, Uniformed Primer Pockets and De-Burred Flash Hole
Primer: Federal Gold Medal Match 215 LR Magnum
Powder and Charge: Hodgdon's H-1000, 88.2 grains
Bullet: You guessed it Sierra Match Kings 168 Grain
OAL: 3.650"
Distance: 100 yards

Just goes to show all the new guys that if you are willin to take the time, effort and money, you can get deadly accurate even with factory rifles.

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