Myth busters-the Safari Version

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    Here at JD African Safaris we frequently surprise people regarding African Safaris so here's our top myth busters for you who have always wanted to go

    1. Myth: Safaris are too expensive
    Facts: Safaris aren't cheap but you can go on a 7 day plains game hunt for
    About $5000 (airfare and hunting included).

    2. Myth: I can't take my own guns (or bow)
    Facts: You can take your own gear (we can help)

    3. Myth: You will never get your trophies back
    Facts: Most trophies can be shipped back in 90- 120 days
    (Some species longer esp in case of Big 5 but we will get them to you)

    4. Myth: I would have to buy a huge new rifle
    Facts: Most hunting can be done with the rifle you already own

    5. Myth: My gear will get lost on the way
    Facts: Most gear shows up when you arrive.
    (Our camps have loaner equipment just in case)

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