SOLD/EXPIRED MY STUFF!!! New listing for my 54 MS…


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Mar 22, 2005
After many years of sitting in the safe I had forgotten the story behind this gun. Anyway the stock and trigger guard are not factory to this unit. The trigger guard is off a 1913 free rifle and the stock is off a 54 MSR. So this makes this somewhat of a parts rig. BUT let me assure you that I competed with it set up like this for years. The stock and trigger guard work perfectly with the barrel action. So if the set up is not for you I can and will sell it separate from each other. But before I sell one the other has to be sold also.

1021.33 barreled action trigger + sh. and ins….
346.99 stock trigger guard and action screws + sh and ins…..

54 MS single shot 22lr 98% on the barreled action and 90% on the stock. This unit shoots .5” at 100m with the right ammo.

The scope is an old El Paso T-10 with plex reticule very clean and tracks perfectly.

Rifle without scope 1324.98+sh
SPF’s….scope 242.11+sh
Together 1532.90+ sh


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