My Son's New Hunting Rig


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Dec 25, 2021
Started life as Walmart 243 ADL.
Far cry from Walmart now....
Walmart action, no Gunsmithing on action yet.
Factory Remington 22" 7mm-08 cut to a modest 18" and threaded.
Boyd's At-One Thumbhole Stock, adjustable LOP and comb.
Talley 1 piece rings.
Burris Signature HD 2-10 scope, great push pull locking turrets and BDC on 10x for holds out to 400 yards.
Weight 8lbs 6oz

The load. Hornady 150gr ELD-X, velocity at testing 2700fps, 1 moa capable, G1 BC of .595(litz).

Lots of potential with round. Lots of room to grow. Could be the perfect east coast trekking rifle that can dial for east coast distances.

Wish I had this slayer at 9 years old.

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Very nice.