My search is over!


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Feb 19, 2003
New York
My search is over. I went to the range today to try a new load in my Remington 700 VLS chambered in 308 Win. 155 grain A-max behind 46 grains of Varget in Winchester brass using Federal Match primers. O.A.L was 2.820". I shot four different groups just because I did not believe what my eyes were seeing! In all the groups the 3 shots were all touching. I have finally mastered the art of reloading.

Now if I can only do this again!?!?
Four groups is a good indication.
I had great luck with the 155 S. Palma with 46gr too, never tried the 155 A-Max though. The 168 A-Max didn't do well at all in three 308win rifles.
Good luck with it!
Deergrunt, congrats. Sure is nice when things come together. That is almost the same load that I used in my 308 too. A trend is starting.

If this works as well for you as for me, you will be sub MOA for a very long ways. Pick a calm day and shoot at 250 to 300yds. Mine were shooting inside an inch. Now that is impressive...

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