My new Thompson Semi Auto Chicago Typewriter


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Mar 20, 2018
Winston Salem, NC
For years I have had an inkling for a Thompson. The urge was always in me, but i would just shruge it off. Well, last Saturday I was in the LGS and hanging on the wall was a Thompson that was begging me to take it home. ;) I asked the price and it was 2/3 of the new price. It had a used tag on it. I asked if it had been shot much. The answer was "Not at all", still new in the box with a factory case and factory registration card. Every thing said it was a steal. So I pulled out the cash and went on my way after the paperwork was done. :D I stop by my buddies house on the way home. That was when I discovered why the original buyer sold it. When we tried to cock the action, it was impossible for either of us to get it to move over an inch or two.:( I called Khar Arms about this problem. Their response was to run 3 to 500 rounds thru it to break it in and everything would be OK. The finger grip on the slide was hollow, so I made an slide in extension on the lathe that was three inches long and that made cocking the slide easy. :cool: Can't fool an old fool! I just ordered 500 rounds and we are set to give the Thompson a good breaking in. If there is any resistance on that cocking hammer after several hundred rounds, I'm going to cut a few rounds of the dual springs. I know I can buy new springs if I have to have them. Right now, I'm waiting for the 500 rounds of Remington 230 grain bullets to arrive. Got em for $13.70/ 50 ;)