My new steel targets!

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    Hello to all the shooters,
    I am very excited today, and I must share why. I ordered a set of steel targets, with a the stand, from a guy who has a metal business called, "the metal man". Nice guy, spoke to him, and he answered quite a few of my questions. I recieved my box-o-fun today, and they are very nice! He uses 500 Brindel in 3/8" plate. I feel like an 8 year old kid on Christmas Eve! Have to wait till friday after work to see what it is like to send a matchking into them at 200 yards. (max range where I shoot) If anyone lives in central or eastern Washington and has some land that they shoot farther, I'd love to come and shoot! The web sight that explains the targets and stands, is
    Good luck to all this hunting season, Jason
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    Mar 16, 2003
    Which target did you get?

    I love my MGM auto-popper. I got it for a great deal after it had a few thousand rounds of pistol shot at it (couldn't tell by looking at it). The only thing that damaged it was after 4ked Horn shot it with a 110 gr out of his .308 at 25 yards. That just put a little dimple in the 'forehead' of the target. 4ked Horn's 6 yr old absolutely loves shooting it with the .22 and the .380
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    Feb 27, 2004
    Anybody have any experience on what steel will hold up with a .338LM with a 300 Grain SMK? just curious this metal guys seems pretty cheap but just wondering how they will hold up to some big stuff?
    Thanks Keith..Sorry not trying to highjack the thread just got me thinking when I read above post.
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    I would think that you would have to step the targets out to 250-300 yards with that 338LM. I don't know from experience. I would just call him up, he was very helpfull with my questions. He said my dads Sharps 50-140 with a 600+ grain lead bullet, would not hurt these targets. But that isn't a 338LM either. I am within 12 hours of shooting my new targets, so I will give you all the skinny later, as well as some pic's.
    I ordered the 12", 8", 4" swinger targets. keep you posted, Jason
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    Sep 19, 2002
    I picked up a scrap piece of 3/4" AR, cut it into a 12"x12" squeare and welded a couple chain links onto it. I use a caribiner(sp?) and a couple of chains to hang it from either a saw horse or the stands out at the range.
    At 250 yards the 300 SMK (MV 2750 from RUM) will put a good crater in it. 500 - 550 yards I could shoot it all the time and it just makes a pock.
    I have some gloss white primer and spray it on after each outing. Hits can be seen at 10x out at 550 yards.

    Shooting steel is sure fun and great practice.
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    Aug 27, 2001
    I know the Larue targets are 500BR 3/8" and at 100 yards we slice through it like butter with a 300 RUM 220 GR SMK and with a 6.5-06 139GR Scenar. A 300 Win at 100 yards will not hole it, it just makes a very small pock mark.

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    The update,

    Just now comming down from cloud 9. We threw 200+ rounds of .223 at these targets and didn't even scratch them. I also made 30 hits with a 20" barreled .308, and a 26" .308, and they barely took the paint off. I'd say that my investment in these targets was well worth it. The most fun I could ask for breaking in my buddys new Sako finlight. Shoot one, and clean, repeat alot! I have access to a .375 Ackley Improved, and a .416 Rigby, as I will keep you all posted. Anyone in the Seattle area, and wants to try them out, just shout, Jason