My new baby shoots too!!!! hehehe

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Guest, Dec 31, 2004.

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    Had to fire today.. I fired 12... just couldn't wait ....

    1st 6 .. 1 celan, 1clean, 1clean 3 shot group....


    next 6 same thing..

    You can see the last 2 shot are ---- near on top of each other!! The 3 shot group is between the pen lines....

    Mr. Matthews my hat is off to you!!!

  2. Jon Bischof

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    Oct 25, 2002
    How much does the whole outfit weigh?
    By the way, those are great groups for a rifle that is not even half a box of ammo old!
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    Hi Ric
    Early days but looks like a keeper! BTW what distance?
    What was the plan behind this caliber? Push a little more weight than the WSM?
    By the way how heavy is the complete rig?
    Your earlier post with the initial photos showed a much darker camo job than you usually have?
    Is Chris still with George at GAP or this a new venture? The Long Shot rifle bit?
    All the best
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    Chris @ [email protected] he works for GA as well but is venturing out on his own too...

    those first 12 were fired at 100 yards
    I havn't wieghed the rifle but it is around the 15 lb range.

    I kinda wanted a dark color... and the reasoning for the WM was I wanted to push a bit heavier bullet.. 220's are my goal...

    The WSM is an Ideal caliber for teh 190's but I feel any heavier and you need the case capacity of the WM....
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    So how does the new Badger brake work ,how would you rate it as opposed to say Vias or OPS as far as noise and recoil?
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    Did some more shooting.... ;-)

    All I have to say is that I tried different powders... with different charge wieghts and never got a bigger group than .5
    That is a testiment to the way Mr. Matthews builds a rifle... I am not even done with break in and this this is a screamer!

    this is using the 220SMK

    heres a load of
    H 4831 SC 68.5 grs. + 2710 fps Avg.
    1 fowler and a 3 shot group!!

    Here is a group with H1000 74.0 grs = 2770 fps

    1 fowler and a 3 shot group