"My" never leave the local gun store empty-handed rule ...


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Jan 17, 2021
North Carolina
Here's my find for the day! Spoiler alert - I didn't get a whole case, but did get 4 boxes and the box they came in. Still a good day


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May 2, 2004
Happy Halloween to those who celebrate and Happy Last Day of October to those who don't .......
I don't care for either... other than that ... 10 days from now..... trapping & predator calling season is on ! Now that I celebarate !

Stopped at my favorite/local gun & reloading stuff shop on my way home from my jerb last night and got a scary, spooky deal on some brass ...

To most of you it will seem like a "Bah Humbug" event but to a mindless collecter of misc crap like myself, it was a Smörgåsbord of .. well , old & used brass, lol ! although I got some stuff I can use for some of my rifles

for fitty bucks I got all this .....

77 pcs 340 Wby new/unfired primed Wby brass

40 pcs of 1x fired 243 AI brass
(20 pcs R-P brass, 20 pcs primed W-W Super brass)
plus 9 pcs of 308 Win "Peters" brass necked to 243" ready for fireforming
22 pcs of 1x fired 300 H&H Magnum brass
(13 pcs R-P 300 Magnum, 4 pcs Rem-UMC 300 Magnum & 5 pcs of Super Speed 300 H&H)

20 pcs -1 full box of new/unfired WW Super 284 Win brass

4 pcs of Weatherby 240 Magnum brass

7 pcs of Rem-UMC 244 Rem brass

& misc pcs of brass
1 pc Super Speed 35 Rem
1 pc LC Match 35 Whelen AI
1 R-P nickel 375 Gibbs (30-06 SPRG not CT)
2 pcs RWS 10.75x68
3 pcs WW Super 308 Win

and to get that deal I had to buy a new unopened 100 pc box of R-P nickel brass of 300 Wby for a hundred bucks ...

not crying ....

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