My months haul ,December ,January.


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Dec 1, 2019
I hunted four counties,took some time off from work. Summit,Medina,Holmes,Adams.
75% over bait the rest called.All
big haul.jpg
frozen stiff in two chest freezers,sold to a buckskinner club,they will skin and tan the hides.Picture is not the best. 8 yotes,6 red fox,most were taken with the CZ 22 Hornet,at 75 to 100 yards,a couple with the Tikka T1X,CCI Velocitor head shots 75 yards,and a couple yotes with the 204 in Adams County at ranges from 2 to 300 yards,no misses ,however i did pass on a few because the shot was questionable with trees in the way,and at one farm the coyote used the angus herd to tread his way through unscathed,not a good day to put a round in a black angus,the farmer would be upset to say the least,and the farm would be off limits,about 500 acres no pressure..And it would cost me plenty $ beef prices are high.Not very profitable but i'm not in it for that $300 cash and they picked them up,buys ,some gas,good factory ammo,the fun far outweighs the money. Coyotes are my weakness.

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