My Long Range Pistol


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Jun 6, 2007
South Louisiana
Here's my Custom Gre-Tan XP in 7.21 Lazzeroni. I plan on shooting Berger 168 VLD's. Here's what I had done.
Action Trued, Bolt Sleeved, Bushed firing Pin with GTR Lite Steel Firing Pin, Trigger set at 2lb's
Krieger 1:9T barrel tight neck chamber finished at 16.5" with a Vais muzzle brake
Near 10 MOA Picatinney Rail scope mount, Farrel 30MM ring's and a Burris 3X12 ballistic Plex Scope
HS Precision varmint style stock bedded and all metal Cera coated
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Congrats on a beautiful rig. Greg does good work and it should great for some LR shooting and hunting.
It certainly is Tom. I was fortunate enough to witness him a make a great shot on a nice buck antelope this past fall. Even with the wind, that Berger dropped him on the spot.

How far was that shot again David?
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