My latest build "A Budget Hunting Rifle"

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    Mar 20, 2011
    If you have read any of my other posts, I'm all about the budget rifle. After having read many posts about budget rifles under $800.00$ or $1000.00 dollars I decided my new project would be exactly that, what kind of hunting gun could I get with optics between $800 and $1000.
    My criteria:
    1. Sub-Moa
    2. Remington (I'm a 700 guy)
    3. good platform for future build
    4. something anyone can do

    I found a Brand New Remington 700 ADL in 7mm for $370.00.
    I found a lightly used long action 700P HS precision takeoff for $180.00 on the net
    I found used bottom metal from another LRH member for $60.00
    Larue Tactical 20 min rail $75.00
    Warn 1" scope mounts $29.00
    Vortex Diamondback 4 x 12 $189.00 (not the AO, bad choice will replace)
    The Build:
    • throw away the tupperware stock
    • Install the barreled action and bottom metal into stock and torque down no bedding relying on the aluminum block, barrel free floating from lug forward due to difference in standard barrel and 700P barrel
    • used the old broomhandle burnishing trick to burnish the xmark trigger and set to 4 lbs
    • Install the rail rings and scope torque down

    The total in the gun so far: $903.00.The Vortex scope was a bit of a letdown since it was not AO or PA using 12x at distance the only adjustment was at the ocular behind the reticle, you could either have a blurred target, or fuzzy reticle, at 10x it was crystal clear but then the BDC was not effective.

    I will replace the Diamondback scope with a Burris Fullfield E1 4 x 14 $296.00 so the end cost will be $999.00.
    The results:
    A "Tacticool looking rifle"

    The first group of 3 @ 100

    The second group of 3 @100 1 grain more taped hole from other rifle. Yes, I'm cheap with targets as well :)
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    Good write up! I'm in the middle of a budget build as well. I'll post pics, prices, and results when I finally get all the parts and get it to my smith for blueprinting.