My ideal NV set up - at long last

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    Dec 21, 2007
    I am based in the UK in the north of england. I have been a member for a long time just to be able to read all the posts about my sport in other countries. I cant experience long range shooting because i dont have the land to shoot on.
    I have been carrying out vermin control on farms and golf courses for many years, mainly rabbits, fox, mink and rats. I shoot mainly at night.
    I thought it was time to post so i thought i would explain the night vision set up i use as i understand that there are many restrictions in the US with regard to sound moderators and night vision equipment so my post may be of interest for information purposes to some members.
    At last after many years I have the ideal set up for me for both rabbiting and foxing. It is my personal choice of course.
    Spotting - I have an envis monacle (3G) which is excellent and an ir illuminator that screws to the envis for use when the grass is high , this illuminates the eyes of both rabbits and foxes.
    Rabbiting: 3 different permatations, I have a CZ 452 American for use during both daylight and darkness. Daylight:A S&B Zenith scope with red dot illumination works in very low light and then I can add a Catapult V2 torch supplied by Invotech which is very Powerful, quick to set up, wire free and effective out to the ranges I feel confident with at night. I can also attach the envis to a DSA and use the 452 from a bipod or shooting stick. I also have a Ruger 10/22 with a dedicated Pulsar n550 digital sight which I tend to use because I have never been really comfortable with the DSA set up when walking around.
    Foxing: because of the terrain I have only ever needed a CZ527 .22 Hornet, the maximum range would only be out to 125-150 yards because with my eyesight thats the range I feel comfortable and effective with. I load my own V-max 35g rounds. I have the choice of using the DSA and the Envis or using the Catapult V2 torch, both effective when sat out with a bipod.
    When i bought the torch I was not aware of the dedicated torch for lamping supplied by Invotech with all the filters etc but I manage quite well with the one I bought.
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    Aug 15, 2009
    Interesting reading and glad to have you on this site. In Wyoming the only way we can hunt at night is on private land with spot light. I don't think we can use night vision stuff but I may be wrong.